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Short Timeline with Highlights:


  • Sante Racing established as a watercraft business.
  • Damon, the owner, purchases his own 94 Sea Doo 650 XP.


  • Started importing Sea Doo/ Yamaha/ Kawasaki Jet Ski’s.
  • Damon started modifying a 1996 Sea Doo HX with the addition of a Factory Pipe and Buckshot Racing carbs.


  • Damon competed in his first SA National Event at Hartebeespoort.
  • This developed a keen interest in the field of watercraft and racing.


  • Damon started developing other client’s race ski’s.


  • Damon was the first person in SA to beat Mr. Nat Cheman (undefeated champion on his Sea Doo XP Limited) on the Vaal River, on a Kawasaki Ultra 150 modified unit.


  • Sante Racing is the first company in South Africa to build a triple pipe Ultra 150 that ran a top speed of 124 km/h at the reef altitude.
    Mr. Gert Vorster won the 2000 SA Great Villiers challenge on this - the fastest watercraft in South Africa at the time.


  • Modifies Yamaha GP1200R set up with triple pipes - 155hp up to 220hp!
  • Damon wins the 2001 Great Villiers challenge of 92 km each way, on this 121 km/h (on the Reef) race machine.


  • Damon helped to prepare and set up Jared Moore’s Kawasaki 1200 STXR that was set up with triple pipes and built to limited spec, on which he proceeded to win the 2003 expert 1200 limited World Championship title.


  • Damon personally took the No 1 place in SA Nationals Limited Enduro class on a modified 220hp limited triple pipe Kawasaki STXR.


  • At World Finals in Lake Havasu, Sante Racing is again responsible for the race tuning of Jared Moore’s 1200 limited Kawasaki STXR (as late as 16:00 on the afternoon before his next day world final win).
  • Prepared the jet ski of Craig Vacy Lyle, a veteran racer.  He took a 3rd place position riding against a whole host of younger riders in his world finals stock class of 2005.
  • Damon is awarded National Springbok Colours by Power Boat South Africa for leading our SA National team to the 2005 World Finals, Lake Havasu America.


  • Built Tyron Long’s Sea Doo RXP 270hp Limited 4-stroke class race craft at Lake Havasu USA World Trials.  Tyron came 2nd.


  • 1st place awarded in the R2 Class at SA Nationals to Johan Walters riding a Sante Racing prepared 2008 Sea Doo RXP-X 255HP supercharged intercooled race machine.
  • 2nd place awarded to Kobus Malan riding a Sante Racing prepared 2008 Sea Doo RXP-X 255HP supercharged & intercooled race machine.


  • 1st place to Christo Malan at uSkaka on a Sante Racing prepared Sea Doo RXP-X. Christo is a Veteran who has been SA's longest Jest Ski racer.  Well done Christo!


  • I went with Shante Beukes to build her Seadoo RXTX260RS and she was the only Lady rider competing in the stock class at the World Kings Cup Thailand, well done Shante at the prime age of 16 at the time.
  • The Sante Racing Seadoo RXTX260RS wins the Ice Block being the longest endurance race in S.A. over the previous year winner that was a Yamaha FZR.


  • Ellardus Larney wins the South African Nationals in Stock class, Open Class ,and Endurance class on his Seadoo RXPX260RS Rotax powered Race Craft.
  • We raced again at The World Kings Cup Thailand and Ellardus Larney takes 3RD place in the Limited class on his Rotax powered limited Race Craft. Well done Ellardus.
  • Another win on the Ice Block on our Seadoo RXTX 260 RS modified to 400HP!



  • Damons 400HP Seadoo RXTX 260 RS wins longest endurance race in South Africa “The Renowned Ice Block on the Vaal River”



  • Herman Van Der Merwe wins the Ice Block on Sante Racing prepared 380HP RXTX 260 RS, well done Herman. Thanks for all your support since 1999 and our race built Seadoo XP LTD.



  • Herman Van Der Merwe wins the Ice Block on Sante Racing380HP RXTX 260 RSWell done Herman. We win on a Seadoo RXTX 260 RS for the 5th consecutive year undefeated!!